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Classified Section

Advertise your product, business or service to 1000+ freshly generated respondents each month

Classified sectionEach month we invest several thousand pounds in a national advertising campaign which generates 1000+ fresh enquiries. We send all of these people an Opportunity Report by post.

The Classified section is positioned at the back of the Opportunity Report and is distributed to the entire list of 1000+ fresh respondents. 

It is an ideal place to advertise products, services and business opportunities to all of these people at a very reasonable price.

This medium is recommend for franchises, business seminars, financial services, computers, phones, Internet services, training courses - in fact, anything which is likely to be well received by this type of audience.


Width Height Rate
92 60 75
92 126 150
190 126 300
 Full page
190 258 600


3 mth 6 mth 12 mth
 Series discounts 10% 20% 30%

You'll need to send your ad to us in the correct size, or a similar size which can be scaled to fit. PDF is best but we can accept a wide variety of other formats. Alternatively for a small charge we will design an ad for you.

To advertise in this section, or if you have any questions, please call Dan McIntosh: 01270 500330 or email


  • Booking deadline: about one week prior to publication date each month. However just to confuse everybody the publication date is not fixed on the same day each month! Please click here for our current best estimate of the next issue date.
  • Copy deadline: 24 hours later.
  • We do not recommend leaving bookings until the last minute and cannot guarantee to fulfil late orders because we may already be busy completing and checking earlier bookings.


  1. All rates are subject to VAT and possible fluctuation. E&OE.
  2. Our Standard Agency Rate is 30 per hour for any artwork or additional work etc. The average cost to produce a small mono ad is 15 (see Terms of Business for details).
  3. Terms: Payment with order (cleared funds prior to cancellation deadline). For full Terms of Business click here or to download the PDF click here.

 Business opportunity ads are only accepted in the Classified section if there is nobody else advertising the same opportunity in ANY postcode area in the main section of the Opportunity Report. Bookings are placed on the understanding that if somebody else wants to take one or more postcode areas for the same opportunity, we will have to remove your ad and refund your money.

If you feel that any of your questions remain unanswered or if you would like to discuss any business advertising aspect, please contact us by your favourite method by visiting our "contact us" page.