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How Postcode Advertising works - the nitty-gritty!
The purpose of these notes is to explain some of the mechanics of how Postcode Advertising is operated. We do recommend you give them a few minutes of your time, because as a long-term Postcode Advertising customer, it is very important to us that you understand exactly what you are getting, because then you can fine-tune your marketing strategy and get on with the real business of selling your opportunity

We’re here to help, and our advice is based on many years of advertising experience. We talk to hundreds of business builders - all wanting the best value-for-money advertising possible. We’re confident because several of our advertisers have been with us for many years and have built large businesses with the help of our leads. Many of our customers also place their own advertising in the national press or the internet - they're the ones that know how much it all costs and they realise more than most what excellent value for money Postcode Advertising really is.

Customer Satisfaction
Continuous improvement is our goal and with that in mind we’re always looking for new ways to offer a still better service. Feedback from our customers has enabled us to get where we are today and your observations are gratefully received. Please tell us where we’re getting it right - or wrong - we do listen!

Every customer’s satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any unanswered questions regarding Postcode Advertising OR ANY other advertising aspect, we want you to ask them. We don’t have ALL the answers of course (if we did, we’d have packed up and gone to live in the Bahamas by now) but there’s a good chance we’ve already spoken to somebody who’s encountered any given situation and may have an appropriate solution.

The 3 Stages of Postcode Advertising:

Stage 1: Generating Leads
ALL of our enquiries are genuine - each and every one has come from comprehensive national advertising, both offline and (increasingly) online. It costs a small fortune - we spend tens of thousands of pounds keeping the enquiries coming in. We maintain whatever level of advertising is necessary to generate 1000+ enquiries throughout any calendar month (except over the holiday periods of Easter, Summer and Christmas, when the interval between publication is usually a little longer).

The style of advertising which is placed is crucial. We’re looking for potential entrepreneurs with desire; self-starters with bags of energy. Entrepreneurs are attracted by potential high incomes but so are wanna-be’s, and it’s still a mystery to some that there are still people out there who seem to think that a “powerful, life-changing income opportunity” is the same as “doing a bit of envelope-stuffing in your spare time.” Needless to say, getting the balance right is a fine art. We know our advertising works - we need quality AND quantity - and we continually update our advertising strategy to obtain the best possible results.

Our master “Seeker” database now contains around 193000 enquirers. Since contacting New Horizons, many of these people will find a new and very profitable business as a direct result of our work. We are naturally very proud because we know Postcode Advertising is a unique service in the UK.

Stage 2: The “Opportunity Report”
When we have 1000+ enquiries, a child-database is generated, containing pointers to this month’s 1000+ people in the master-database. We sort them by their home postcode area and prepare their individual Opportunity Reports. The Reports are different in every UK postcode area depending on what business opportunities are registered with us in each particular area at the time of printing.

Before an enquirer is mailed to, his or her record is flagged with today's date and the postcode index of the Report which they are to receive. Then, an almighty mail-merge is produced, when the individual's name and address are placed at the head of a standard letter, to become the first page of their Report, which is folded and sealed into a window envelope. These are carefully packed and delivered by hand to Royal Mail’s main North-West sorting centre, about 200 yards from New Horizons offices in Macon Court: very convenient!

Stage 3: The “Activity Report”
Next day, the Advertisers’ Activity Reports are generated and printed, containing contact details of the enquirers to whom we have sent Opportunity Reports. The contact details come directly from the master database, using the pointers in the child-database (above) to determine who is included in each area. All the information we have about each individual is included in this Report.

Computers may “crash” occasionally, but they don’t make mistakes, and you can be sure that the only people on your Activity Report are those to whom we have sent YOUR details, in their Opportunity Report. Each Activity Report is then sealed into a window envelope and taken straight to the sorting centre. You may choose to receive your Activity Report either by post or as a data file by email, which will be sent the following day.

We leave the rest up to you for another month, until your next Activity Report arrives.

The Bottom Line!

We've worked very hard to create and operate Postcode Advertising, turning a complex advertising concept into something easy to use and cost-effective. We very much hope it’s cost-effective for you too, and will be a key component in your present and future lead-generation.

If you feel that any of your questions remain unanswered or if you would like to discuss any business advertising aspect, please contact us by your favourite method by visiting our "contact us" page.