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Postcode Advertising is precision-targeted database marketing with a regional response which has all the credibility of full national advertising. Find the people on whom your success depends in the areas you want with a very cost-effective package.

Quote I have used Postcode Advertising for over six years and have found it to be an effective way of recruiting people in to my organisation. End Quote
Chris Miller

New Horizons has developed a unique method of locating business-minded entrepreneurs anywhere in the UK. Postcode Advertising is New Horizons’ own service which has been successfully advertising business opportunities for several hundred clients since 1992. In this time we have steadily improved and tuned Postcode Advertising and increased the level of automation to the point where we are offering the best quality response and our lowest prices ever, which is why there has never been a better time to try Postcode Advertising.

How it works - an overview

The simple and effective service works like this: we advertise in national newspapers, leading business magazines and online sites for people who are looking to start a business and increase their income. From this advertising, between 1,000 and 1,100 potential entrepreneurs every month call to ask us for our business opportunity report by post.

Quote The way New Horizons generates its business contacts is both painstaking, yet precise. End Quote
Michael Purcell

We send these people a report containing your contact details (and optional business outline) by post, and ask them to contact you directly. These are the people you need who are looking for a business opportunity right now! Then, each month, you receive an "Activity Report" containing details of all of the people to whom we sent your details - you get names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of all your new leads.

Postcode Advertising puts THEM in touch with YOU, and YOU in touch with THEM. This is a specialist business service provided by "Postcode Area" (e.g. LE:Leicester; AB:Aberdeen), on a monthly basis. Once you reserve Postcode Areas, no-one else can advertise the same business in those areas.

Quote If you are looking for a long term future in your business, New Horizons will be there for you. End Quote
Bob Park
To check availability of areas for your opportunity, go to the Postcode Area Guide and tick the areas you are interested in. Fill in your Opportunity Name field click Next. For a live response, please call us to tell us which areas you want and providing they're available we'll secure them for you on the spot or reserve them for you if you need to coordinate other members of your team.

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To order or for booking availability call Daniel McIntosh or Wayne Maybury on 01270 500330.